My textiles are constructed from silk that is sliced and seamed in repetitive turns. This technique helps me to understand how things grow and interact. Sewing as a creative process allows me to easily break apart and reconfigure the work, emphasizing actions of separation and (re)connection while exploring concepts of singularity, wholeness, and relation.

When illuminated from behind (and within), every seam of construction is made visible and all colors are amplified. Through this heightened impact, I utilize both the physical power and metaphysical symbolism of light to suggest an omnipresent spiritual component of life.


Below are links to my writing about specific artworks, clarifying my intentions:

“The Observer Series” reinterprets Jasper Johns’ The Seasons.

“The Screaming Dreams of Flowers” addresses pollinator demise.

“The Seasons” is about seasonal change and ceaseless motions of time.

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