“Between the Clock and the Sun”| Pieced Silk on Wood Panel | 52”H x 42”W x 2.5”D | 2017

© Jan R Carson | Private Collection

This artwork describes a single year of attention on the sky and sun, an expression of seasonal shifting and perpetual variation. This multitude of colors, moving in tempo, express my feelings about the swift pace of time as each year proceeds to the next, and how we are caught in the sway of those environmental differences and seasonal motions.

The title, Between the Clock and the Sun, references works by Jasper Johns and Edvard Munch (both titled, “Between the Clock and the Bed”). Johns abstracted Munch’s painting (or at least the quilt on the bed) into a pattern of colorful lines. Although I wasn’t looking at these artworks when I created this piece, I was consciously applying the pattern of Johns’ cross-hatched lines to the work.