How are your mobiles made?

My mobiles are created by hand from silk fabric and fine gauge stainless steel wire. Many of the colors are hand dyed in small vats. The silk is then starched and cut into leaf shapes. The wires are cut and soldered together to form the mobile frame. After each leaf is meticulously adhered to the wires, the “branches” are linked together and the mobile is carefully balanced and soldered at the fulcrums.

How do I care for my mobile?

Just like any decorative object, your mobile should be dusted occasionally. It’s easiest to take the mobile down, lay it flat on a table, and gently brush the upper side of the leaves with an artist’s brush or soft terry cloth.

Can my mobile be suspended in a bathroom or outdoors?

My mobiles are best suited for interior locations, and are not intended for outdoor use. They will retain their beauty indefinitely if placed properly and treated with care. Avoid placement under an air vent or anywhere that updrafts are common, or in areas with high humidity.

Will the silk leaves fade?

Modern window glass includes some UV protection, and the dyes are resistant to damage from UV exposure, but no fabric is fade-proof. Skylight and window locations bring out the shimmery qualities of the silk leaves, but may cause a shift in color over the years. Prolonged, brutal sunlight will have an effect, as will suspending within inches of a fluorescent light fixture. Most owners don’t notice a change, however, unless they see their mobile next to a brand new one.

Do the mobiles require assembly?

Each mobile arrives ready to suspend and includes about five feet of nylon line. A small screw eye is all that’s required at the ceiling insertion point.

How are the mobiles packaged for shipment?

The mobiles are simply and elegantly packaged for transit. Each one is collapsed flat, secured to a strip of poster board, and gently rolled to fit into a 12″x12″x6″ gift box. The gift box is then packed into a sturdy cardboard box. In all my years of shipping mobiles, I’ve never had one damaged in transit.

One of the leaves on my mobile came off. How can I fix it?

I use an adhesive made for metal-to-fabric applications. In a pinch, use a water-based, white glue that dries clear (like Elmer’s All-Purpose Glue) to reattach a leaf or two.

Do you sell swatches? I’d like the colors to match my room.

When color matching is crucial, I’m happy to mail up to seven silk leaves to you at no charge. Just send me an email with the colors you desire and your mailing address.

What inspired you to design the Stylized Leaf Mobile?

The first leaf mobile was inspired by the shadows of trees outside my window on an interior wall. I was learning to make mobiles at the time, and was compelled by the logic of the imagery.

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