Winner of the  2018 ARROW Five Years Out Art Challenge Innovation Award

This challenge is a world-wide competition for innovation in the arts in conjunction with the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. I’m honored that my proposal was one of seven finalists, and thrilled my piece was chosen for the Innovation Award! My textile was displayed at the 2018 Cherry Creek Arts Festival and is now part of the Arrow Electronics fine art collection.

Inspired by how bees see the color spectrum, this artwork is also a nod to Arrow Electronic’s work with Semios creating an alternative to pesticides using pheromones.


Each finalists was asked to submit a video of themselves reading their artist statement for the judging committee. You can view mine on YouTube by clicking here.

Excerpt from my artwork proposal to ARROW:

“Bees and other pollinators see a different segment of the color spectrum than we do, most notably the ultraviolet aspect. And silk—my choice medium—has an uncanny ability to glow when back-lit. So I’d like to combine my silk textile art with a LED fabric-faced light box, and employ only the colors that a bee sees, giving the viewer a glimpse of the world through a pollinator’s eyes.

Alongside this luminescence, the seams of my artwork would be amplified. These seams are important aspects of my work, a delicate physical representation of how separate things relate and connect. When sewing my work, I lightly overlap the raw edges of the fabric and stitch in a zigzag over both, connecting them together. This double layer, about 1/8” wide, becomes a pronounced line when held up to the light, similar to the soldered seams of stained glass.”