My textile art explores color and pattern in nature. I work with silk taffeta, slicing the fabric apart and seaming it back together. Each piece is allowed to grow through this process, but I also respond to its transformation and orchestrate its composition. For deeper insight, read my artist statement.

I donate 2% of all textile art sales to The Xerces Society. Their mission is to protect invertebrates and their habitats.

Portfolio of Textile Art:

Transitions, Movement:


Ambient Structures:

janrcarson_rosepetaldawnlightpalmofmyhand_2016-full-wJanRCarson_The-Light-in-June_2016_HD-W     JanRCarson_HowIHoldYou_2016_Full-W     Carson_White_Full-W     Carson_CloudTriptych_2013-Entire-W-2


JanRCarson_WaveSkyButterfly_Full-SQJanRCarson_YellowPink_2014-2-300-Cropped     Carson_CabbageWhiteBfly_2013_Full150dpi-W     JanR_Carson_Monarch-and-Milkweed_2015-WCarson_Fritillary_2014-W-2

Patterns in Nature:

Carson_Grasshopper_2013_Full150-W     JanR_Carson_Iris_2015-W     JanRCarson_SunriseSunset_Diptych_2013-W 


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