“The Screaming Dreams of Flowers” | Pieced Silk and LED Light | Five Panels 48″H x 36″ W x 3″D
© Jan R Carson 2018

Collection of the City of Loveland. This work was first exhibited in Everything But Now, Artworks Loveland, 2018.

The Screaming Dreams of Flowers began in my mind’s eye with the sound of a sliding note, a metaphor for an inability to maintain a sense of security. Illuminated from behind with LED light, this 15-foot wide textile imagines our flowers (and ourselves) in chaotic desperation, confounded at the demise of pollinators. My concern for our environment and observations in my own back yard informed this work.

Slideshow Photos Courtesy Jafe Parsons

I imagine our flowers sinking into sleep, their floral memory of yellow wings and faceted eyes now reading as a myth, eliciting a vivid montage from the unconscious, the fragments of patterns a kaleidoscope of collision, haunting beyond waking to the sun with its dissonant wailing soundtrack, unable to hold pitch.

Featured in the book, “Bojagi: Design and Techniques in Korean Textile Art” by Sara Cook, published 2019.

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