“Messages” | Pieced Silk, LED Light | 62″H x 43”W x 3”D | $9250 US
© Jan R Carson 2021

The birds in Messages are meant as symbols of nature.  In common culture, birds are often considered messengers from another world or dimension. I see them as delicate beings whose song and call exemplify the beauty and connectivity of our world. Ever-present in my daily life, they prompt me to be mindful of the present moment and open to things that may exist beyond my physical senses.

The figure in this work is traced from my own shadow. It is not explicitly a self-portrait but does reflect my self-image as an inactive and ghostly presence within a scene of perilous demise. On a larger scale, the figure stands in for all of us as witnesses to environmental collapse.  Therein, Messages is about disregard for one’s inner wisdom.

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