Stylized Leaf Mobile

My mobiles are constructed using only hand tools; subtle variations distinguish each as a handmade artwork.
Every mobile is created with strict attention to detail.
Materials: Lightly-starched silk, stainless steel wire | Dimensions: 50″ diameter, 20″ vertical depth

Want to create your own? Choose colors from my Silk Color Palette.

Click here to see a short video of a Stylized Leaf Mobile.

Moon-Lily Silk Mobiles plants one tree for every mobile sold through American Forest’s Global ReLeaf Program. The studio established this commitment in 2007, and has since planted thousands of trees. Visit for information about their tree-planting programs.

Looking for the Dappled Stylized Leaf Mobile?

After thoughtful deliberation, my concerns about the hazards of dyeing (relative to my health and that of our planet) have informed my decision to cease all dyeing of fabric in my studio practice, which requires I discontinue the hand dyed Dappled Stylized Leaf Mobile.

Mobile Archive

I’ve been making mobiles since 1999. Click here to see some of my past designs.