Work in progress…


I’ve begun working with my shadow image alongside my signature technique, again paired with LED light. The series is loosely based on Jasper Johns’ “The Seasons” series. Given my affinity for Johns’ silhouette in his works (a print of which I spent time with while an intern at ULAE), it’s an appropriate place to begin. His series focused on the passage of time and personal narrative. I’m focusing on weather extremes, pitching the seasons as scenarios beyond our human control, amplifying our vulnerability.

What I love most about Johns’ figure is it’s delicate imbalance and curious posture. The stance in my version is intentionally resolute and resigned. Facing my life-size shadow in my own version has deepened my anguish. It has reverberated my place as a participant in the world, here and now, temporary, limited, a witness, questioning.

The light box is surprisingly adept at conveying my meaning. I’m not utilizing its light at whim. There’s no need for the sun, here. My shadow faces me like a mirror, having its own magical illumination, pitching me outside the scene. I am no longer myself, no longer holding possession of my shadow. I surrender its form and personality. It’s a stick figure symbol, pedestrian sign, or contacts icon–and in this way, is humanity.

Images forthcoming once the entire series (of four) is complete. Follow #observerseries_janrcarson on Instagram for additional insight.
Below are composite images of my progress:


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